Current Opportunities

GSL Group includes a wide range of businesses including E-Commerce, Sports and Entertainment, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, and Real Estate Development and Construction (Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Sports & Entertainment Facilities). We are currently seeking a Digital Marketing Coordinator to support the digital advertising and online marketing for GSL Group and its businesses.

Job Responsibilities
The Digital Marketing Coordinator role will have a wide variety of different accountabilities, including but not exclusive to those listed below:

  • Work with Digital Marketing Manager to gain insights into the digital presence of our businesses and develop digital marketing strategies
  • Manage the implementation and tracking of Google Analytics and AdWords
  • Create high quality WordPress websites and coordinate website updates
  • Coordinate the setup and implementation of social media advertising campaigns
  • Produce email campaigns with effective copy and calls-to-action
  • Produce reports on digital advertising campaigns
  • Research information in order to create marketing collateral
  • Monitor and manage responses to online reviews and social media accounts
  • Support for other marketing-related tasks as needed

Core Competencies and Attributes
The following core competencies are expected of this role:

  • 2+ years working experience in a digital marketing position
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Outlook and Gmail
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Strong working experience in creating WordPress websites
  • Hands-on experience in managing websites via CMS and a strong ability to edit HTML code
  • Proven copy writing and graphic design skills
  • Hands-on experience with Mailchimp and email campaign clients
  • High level of understanding for social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Certification in Google Analytics and Google Adwords are beneficial
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-sufficient with the ability to independently prioritize and complete tasks
  • Ability to multi-task and manage sudden deadlines
  • Proactive in extracting data for meaningful ideas to improve the digital presence
  • Resourceful and innovative in their approach to complex problems or challenges
  • Thrives in a diverse and entrepreneurial environment with many decision makers
  • Previous experience working in an office

Company: GSL Group
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Job Title: GSL Group – Director of Real Estate Development, Holdings and Construction

GSL Group includes a wide range of businesses including Real Estate Development, Holdings and Construction (Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Sports & Entertainment Facilities), E-Commerce, Sports and Entertainment, Travel & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, and Agriculture.

We are currently seeking an experienced commercial and residential property management professional to oversee GSL Group’s portfolio of commercial, residential, retail and industrial properties, as well as play a lead role in the development of future real estate projects. This role will be an integral part of the GSL Group leadership team and will report to the CFO and CEO.

Job Responsibilities
This multi-faceted role will have a number of accountabilities, including but not exclusive to those listed below:

• Working with the senior management team of GSL Group, plays a key role in all real estate development and construction projects of the company, with approved zoning to develop 3,000,000 square feet of new projects (mix of residential and commercial) in addition to GSL Group’s existing portfolio
• Provides innovative solutions and ideas to existing and new real estate projects, to improve GSL Group’s current real estate holdings and ensure that new developments are on the forefront of technology and community living
• Manages the development and negotiation of all commercial leases across the company (~500,000 square feet), ensuring appropriate terms and conditions are in place for all leases
• Develops and implements all property management policies and procedures, including those required to mitigate against any risk to the properties or property related income
• As an integral member of the senior management team of GSL Group, looks across the company’s operating divisions for possible synergies or internal partnerships which could integrate into the real estate division
• Supports key finance activities and processes by providing input and information as needed for internal reporting and budgeting, as well as by providing regular reporting to the CFO on results against actual and key performance metrics
• In conjunction with the company’s CFO and CEO, analyses any properties which may be acquisition targets, including the completion of due diligence reviews
• Evaluates the need for and provides oversight of capital improvement projects required for the company’s residential and commercial property holdings
• Manages and reduces vacancies across the company’s properties including early terminations, negotiating termination options, sublease marketing and any other strategies to minimize vacancies
• Acts as the key liaison to the Strata Council of GSL Group’s residential real estate holdings
• Oversees the preparation for and completion of all government inspections of buildings and facilities
• Oversees all maintenance contracts on properties including those related to items such as boilers, elevators, solar panels, appliances, fire safety inspection and any other maintenance service contracts which may arise
• Acts as the main point of contact for any real estate or commercial leasing enquiries, as well as being the main point of contact for any tenant related issues
• Possesses strong interpersonal skills and is able to both effectively lead a team, as well as work within the management team of the organization
• Protects organization’s value by keeping information confidential

Core Competencies
The following core competencies are expected of this role:

• University degree or equivalent; real estate specific education, certification or designation is an asset
• 15 years + experience in commercial leasing and property management, with broad experience in commercial and residential real estate development
• Previous experience in Strata management for residential real estate developments
• Highly skilled in commercial lease negotiations, due diligence and risk management
• Tangible experience in delivering innovation to commercial and residential real estate projects and developments
• Broad experience in a variety of corporate real estate and facility management functions including lease administration, capital planning, maintenance and repairs, property management, acquisitions and disposals
• Financially literate with the ability to work directly with the finance team on operational matters and analysis of new opportunities or acquisition targets

Key Attributes
We are proud of the culture of this organization and believe this stems from the following key attributes of our employees:

• Applies a hands on and industrious approach to challenges as they arise; willing to get their ‘hands dirty’
• Thrives in a diverse, entrepreneurial environment
• Possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Active contributor to the community
• Transparent and open approach both to direct reports and to reporting staff
• Creates a positive and productive environment within their team
• Highly innovative and enjoys exploring new solutions and technologies

Compensation for this role will be commensurate with experience.

Reporting to the Director of Technology, the Senior Technical Engineer oversees all IT needs for GSL Group and all subsidiary companies.


Job Scope

  • Overseer of all IT needs
  • Builder and installer of new systems
  • Maintainer of existing systems
  • Plumber of all data flows
  • Carpenter of all data systems
  • Handyman for all things technical


General Outlook

  • Efficiency opportunities be it financial, automation or otherwise
  • Reliability opportunities by way of redundant systems, automated backups or otherwise
  • Security opportunities in the form of logical or physical authentication, authorization and accounting
  • Scaling opportunities with more servers, more people or more software


Job Responsibilities

  • Plan for business continuance, not limited to backup and restore but also geographical disaster recovery and elimination of single points of failure budget permitting
  • Implement repeatable processes across the organization with respect to IT infrastructure and IT related concerns
  • Engage with stakeholders on efficiencies, trouble resolution and future expansions
  • Assist with day to day operation and troubleshooting and resolving end user issues
  • Develop systems to assist with increasing efficiencies and provide business continuance
  • Document new and existing systems in an effort to enable any other technical staff member to
  • Select and hire new staff as necessary
  • Select and order new and replacement equipment for all IT
  • Plan IT needs with respect to hardware, software, staffing, contracting and other services
  • Create a yearly budget
  • Purchase against the budget
  • Enable proactive systems monitoring and alerting
  • Devise and implement asset tracking and management
  • Ensure peak efficiencies where possible including but not limited to areas where processes can be automated or simplified
  • Ensure the security of all systems physically and logically


Required Experience

  • Windows Desktops
  • Windows Servers
  • Linux Servers
  • Windows and Linux backup systems
  • Building and operating networks
    • Ethernet
    • Wifi
    • Fibre
    • PoE


Job Location

  • Vancouver, Victoria or Kelowna


To apply for the Senior Technical Engineer position, please submit your resume and cover letter with salary expectations, via the Career Section on GSL Group’s website.

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