The Delta Wild Hockey Group is built on the fundamental belief that combining scholastic achievement with excellence on the ice promotes a lifelong commitment to self-improvement in young adults – a skill we believe is instrumental to building a successful life.  The Delta Wild Hockey Group aims to provide students with a positive learning environment, develop athletes with healthy attitudes and behaviours consistent with academic and athletic success, build teamwork skills of each athlete, improve the skill level and hockey IQ of each player and enhance the physical development of each student throughout the season and the off-season months. Programs consists of an intense athletic component, as well as educational programming which allows students to obtain grade equivalent credits required as part of their high school education, while simultaneously pursuing athletic excellence.  

The DWHG platform allows for the elite student athlete to accelerate their training under the guidance of an unparalleled coaching team, developing not just skills for the ice but lifetime skills of strong work ethic, discipline and sportsmanship.

Tryouts for the upcoming year occur in March for Bantam (grades 8 and 9) and in April for Midget (grades 10 to 12), with both programs beginning in September of each year.


Delta Wild 冰棍球集团是GSL体育部的重要部分. 我们为大温地区的中学生提供精英的体育及学业培训. 作为温哥华冰球训练先锋,Delta Wild冰棍球集团拥有全省最佳的指导, 为学生提供最高端的技能训练.

Delta Wild 冰棍球集团的基本准则是要促进年轻人的冰球技能, 是他们学会不断自我提升. 从学业成绩到冰球训练, 我们的目标是要让年轻人懂得不断改善自己及做到最好,然而为自己创造成功的一页及美好的人生.

我们为学生提供一个积极的学习环境, 让他们发展成为健康的运动员,使他们拥有正确的思想及良好的行为. 我们每一位学生都学会团队合作, 目标是要提高每个运动员的技术水平和冰上的智商,并让他们促进身体发育而拥有最佳的体魄.

我们所有的学生都必须通过双面的训练. 一方面要他们受到最强的体育训练并达到冰球的最高境界,另一方面亦要把高中学业所需要的学分都取到好成绩,以最好的分数毕业.

在Delta Wild的专业指导下, 每一个学生都可以把他们的潜能发展到最高, 最终成为出色的运动员,及充满道德及纪律的青少年.

Delta Wild 每年九月开学. 学生选拔及面试分成两级. Bantam(8至9年级)的面试将于三月举行,Midget (10至12年级)的面试会在四月举行.


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