With our private plane, take yourself to new destinations that seem otherwise too far and too hard to reach. With Airscape Tours, discover a whole new world to explore and find yourself in the newest adventures.

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With Airscape Tours, you’ll explore a new world through our luxury getaway adventures, including packages like:


Northern Lights Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights Polar Spectacle

Experience the magic of the night sky’s orchestra. Fly off to Whitehorse for the breathtaking Aurora Borealis against the majestic backdrop of Yukon’s wilderness.

Fore! Fly-n-Golf at Bandon Dunes

In under 2 hours, you can escape to a golf getaway at Oregon’s Bandon Dunes. Stay at the luxury Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and enjoy a golfing sensation against the dramatic dunes off the Pacific.

Rockies Ice Hiking Challenge

Venture the enormous ice fields stretching the Great Divide of the Canadian Rockies, a route rarely traveled.  Challenge your senses to something that is truly off the beaten path.

Orcas Up Close: Coastal Kayaking

Embark on a kayak adventure in the northern stretches of Vancouver Island, and truly experience the Pacific Northwest’s ocean waters.  This tour brings you up close to the coastal whales, dolphins, bears, eagles and the incredible nature that it is.

Luxury Escapes

Luxury Wilderness Escape

In just minutes, fly off and embrace true nature at our luxury remote destinations.  Relax at cliff-side tents on the Georgia Straight, retreat to the Marble Range Mountains, or indulge in our many custom secluded escapes.

Salmon Run and Wild Water Fun

BC’s legendary Adams River Salmon Run is a spectacle of a lifetime! Fly to Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park and take in a wild water adventure where you will witness the most unbelievable sights.

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