With the start of NFL’s 2016-2017 football season, fantasy sports fans and poolies can now manage their football pools on OfficePools.com.  This is the newest expansion for OfficePools.com from its current offering for hockey, golf and baseball.  Football pools are offered for free at OfficePools.com, and are now open for the NFL season.

For the upcoming NFL football season, pool types will include Pick’em, Streak, and Survivor/Winner.  OfficePools.com’s football pools will feature a quick and easy setup, customizable game types, flexible administration controls and many informative and interactive functions for poolies and pool managers to actively participate and compete in their organized sports pool.

In a Pick’em game, participants predict the winner or loser of every match-up on specified days, and points accumulate for every correct prediction.  In Streak, the objective is to correctly predict the winner or loser one match-up at a time to build the longest correct prediction streak.  In Survivor mode, determine who can stay alive the longest by correctly predicting the outcome of match-ups.

OfficePools.com offers pool management for other sports including NHL hockey, MLB Baseball, and golf major tournaments.  In addition to NFL football, pools for World Cup of Hockey and NHL regular season are now open for the 2016-2017 as well.  Starting a pool is simple: you can create an account and invite your friends in just minutes.  Create your pool now at www.officepools.com!

Founded in 1996 for NHL hockey pools, OfficePools.com quickly became the top pool management site in the sport. Since then, OfficePools.com has grown to serve other sports including baseball, golf and now football.  OfficePools.com is a division of GSL Group.  Visit www.officepools.com to learn more.

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