Bringing a new level of fun and engagement to basketball fans

Vancouver, BC – is officially launching free basketball pools for the 2016-2017 NBA season.  Sports fans can now enjoy an extra level of fun when they watch NBA games this season by creating basketball pools with their friends. is offering three pool formats for this NBA season, including Basketball Weekend Pick’em, Basketball Weekend Survivor, and Basketball Streak.

With Basketball Weekend Pick’em, each member of the pool makes predictions on winners of every NBA weekend game.  One point is earned for each correct prediction and players compete for the most number of points earned as the season progresses.

With Basketball Weekend Survivor, pool members predict a winner from the NBA games that take place each weekend.  All pool members are allocated a number of lives, and for each incorrect prediction, you lose a life.  The goal is to stay alive the longest amongst your competition.

With Basketball Streak, pool members predict outcomes of NBA games consecutively and aim to collect the longest streak of correct predictions.

All three pool types can be started now or at any time during the NBA season. Pool managers have the ability to send messages to all pool members, and work with customer service to customize their pool. has also recently begun to offer NFL football pools, which also includes pools in Pick’em, Survivor and Streak formats.  In addition to football, have seasonal offerings for golf and baseball each year.

In addition, for the first time ever, is offering hockey pools for CHL (Canadian Hockey League) in addition to NHL (National Hockey League).

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Launched in 1996, is a fantasy sports website that lets you run your pools with ease.  Engaging with over 625,000 loyal sports fans a year, began as a hockey pool management website. By offering real-time updates, statistics, quick and easy setup, and customizable pool administration, grew quickly and became a success for sports fans who want to facilitate pools between friends, colleagues, community groups, teams and more. Today, is the world’s largest and most popular online pool manager. has since expanded from its fantasy hockey expertise to include golf, baseball, football and now basketball pools. is a division of GSL Group, based in Vancouver, BC.

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