GSL Group is engaged in a multitude of initiatives across the categories of charity, community and innovation.  Driven in part by the personal philosophy of GSL Group’s President and CEO, Graham Lee, and his strong belief in the importance of making a contribution to the community, the company is involved in a number of different programs benefiting various organizations and groups in need, as well as initiatives which GSL believes will positively benefit local businesses and the overall economy.



GSL Group believes firmly in giving back to the communities from which the company was created and contributes across a multitude of different platforms.

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The Graham Lee Family Foundation is a key supporter to a number of different charities and initiatives. Donations range from financial contributions to facility space and are focussed on education, children at risk, and local community organizations and campaigns. Below are just a few of the charity initiatives that GSL has created and contributed to.

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With a belief that new ways of looking at traditional businesses and successfully developing disruptive industries are the foundation for B.C.’s economy, Graham Lee is an active supporter, mentor and investor in innovation of all forms.

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