Our team of dedicated professionals will work together to deliver superior quality in all of our work while still ensuring timely completion. GSL Real Estate prides itself on always considering the needs and well-being of the community first.

Strategic Site Planning

GSL Group has the unique ability to combine it's extensive knowledge in retail, residential, recreation, and sports & entertainment developments to create true communities focused on social engagement.

Design Innovation

GSL Group has successfully created unique design and graphic elements that have never been tried before to create more interest and greater sustainability in its developments. Many of the ideas created by GSL have become standards in the industry.

Construction & Project Management

GSL's has developed a unique background in designing sustainable projects they own and operate as well as acting as general contractor for all of its own buildings and many other public community facilities. This experience has provided the company continued knowledge to design and build complex yet practical buildings designed to be functional and sustainable. Below are some of our past projects.

Sales, Marketing & Leasing

GSL Group has a history of successfully launching sales, marketing and leasing for residential and mixed-use developments.

Property Management & Retail Strategy

Future trends for retail continue to evolve and it is more important than ever to understand these trends and how they will effect traditional malls. GSL's relationship with national retailers and experience in all levels of social interactivity as well as its on-line presence has allowed it to strategically reposition malls and add greater social engagement. 

Strategic Assembled Diversified Portfolio

GSL Group has strategically assembled a diversified portfolio of properties that will allow it to effectively plan large mixed use developments and take advantage of future trends around Social Engagement.

GSL Group