gsl divisions


A full service online fantasy sport site with real-time updates, player news, fantasy guides, free contests and a huge variety of pool configuration options. Officially launched in 1995, has been the most used site in Canada and has grown into one of the leading sites across North America for pool management.

Collective Intelligence & AI 

With the use of collective intelligence and AI, our team continues to develop and refine models around better analyzing hockey data, using neural networks and XGBoost algorithms.


Arena App

We continue to develop our in-house app that will offer new levels of engagements to our fans during events and concerts. Features include skip-the-line ordering, interactive games with the big screen, and much more for a completely immersive experience from start to finish.

Machine Learning

In collaboration with some of the world’s leading machine learning and artificial general intelligence software developers, we are improving the businesses we have influence over by finding ways to make them more efficient and cost effective.