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Following Play-In / Seeding Round of Playofs

Where were the brackets busted and does a perfect bracket still exist? today announced the site’s most chosen teams as well as biggest bracket busters following the play-in/seeding round of the NHL Playoffs. has seen heavy traffic recently as fantasy players and administrators continue their quest for playoff pool supremacy.

With the play-in round in the rearview mirror the following teams found success and were the biggest bracket busters:

  • Chicago Blackhawks busted the most brackets as they only appeared on 6.12% of people’s brackets.
  • Montreal Canadiens were chosen by a mere 6.75% of players.
  • Arizona Coyotes received support from 16.87% of players
  • Columbus Blue Jackets broke brackets as well as Maple Leafs fans’ hearts with their win, as only 20.30% of participants went with the Ohio team.
  • The Vancouver Canucks were the big winners for pool players as their playoff success was predicted by 73.85% of entrants.

The seeding round also had its share of surprises, and many brackets were left in shambles following these round robin games.

  • Philadelphia Flyers were only chosen by 6.77% of players to garner the top seed in the Eastern Conference.
  • Boston Bruins were the largest flop of the seeding round as their fourth-place finish in the Eastern Conference cost 92.0% of players a chance at a perfect bracket.
  • St. Louis Blues defense of the Stanley Cup came up flat in the seeding round, and their poor play was felt by 91.81% of pool players who chose a higher seed than the fourth-place finish in the Western Conference for the defending champs.
  • The Washington Capitals third place finish in the Eastern Conference was the big winner for participants as 44.09% correctly predict their spot in the standings.

The quest for a perfect bracket will have to wait for another year after so many huge upsets in the seeding round. No players were able to correctly predict the eight play-in series and eight seeding positions that were needed for a perfect bracket. One player, out of the over 6,500 participating in the playoff pool, was able to garner a score of 14 correct predictions out of 16 to lead the way. This was followed by 11 players with a score of 12. The most common number of correct predictions was six with 1,094 players earning that score.

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