Graham Lee Wins ACCE Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Graham Lee Wins ACCE Entrepreneur of the Year Award

We are pleased to announce that our President and CEO Graham Lee was awarded the ACCE Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2019.

This coveted award presented by the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs celebrates the successes and achievements of entrepreneurs in business with nominees spanning across all of Canada. The recipient of the award merits their position based on the evaluation of 5 key categories: innovation, operating success, quality of product or service, corporate citizenship, and management capabilities.

The driver behind these categories for GSL Group was highlighted in a quote taken from the award ceremony:

“I think giving back to communities is really important. That you find ways of using your time, your money, or your skill sets to give back in ways that are providing value to the people living in those communities because that’s where you succeed.” Graham Lee

Graham was presented this award on April 13th 2019 in Toronto.

To view the award presentation and speech, please follow this link.